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Our annual delivery of Christmas presents to St James renal wards (49+50), for renal patients that have the misfortune to be inpatients on Christmas day, took place today. Thank you Catherine for doing the shopping and wrapping!


The National Kidney Federation is  is unique because, although there are a large number of kidney charities, the NKF is the national kidney charity actually run by Kidney Patients for Kidney Patients.

Most Renal units have a Kidney Patient Association (KPA), such as West Riding KPA, specifically attached to that unit, however, in January 1979 these independent charities realised that they needed a national organisation to fight their cause as renal provision was in dire difficulties, overstretched, and under resourced. If ever there was a case of post code provision, renal disease was it! Currently there are 52 KPAs and they come together as the controlling Council of the National Kidney Federation, the KPAs are both the ears and the eyes of the NKF and its controlling force. Patients are the Officers of the NKF, the Executive Committee of the NKF and the workforce of the NKF. Apart from six members of staff, all other personnel are either kidney patients or carers of kidney patients.

Unlike other kidney charities, the NKF has only two roles, campaigning for improvements to renal provision and treatment, and national patient support services.

Visit the website here https://www.kidney.org.uk/


The results of the latest 100 club draw are in!
The winners (drawn using a web based random number generator) are…..

Number 28 Isobel Goforth – Prize £30

Number 17 Tahir Yaqoob – Prize £20

Number 11 Margaret Cundell – Prize £10

Thank you for your support and if you didn’t win, better luck next time.

The next draw will take place in October 2020.

We hope you are all keeping safe and managing to cope with the restrictions.

Click here to find out more about The 100 Club.


The following information has been received from Mathew Wellbury-Smith, renal consultant at LTHT.

As you may now know, there are a number of options for blood tests for our vulnerable shielding patients. In Leeds, these are:-

GP surgery, though of course some are not offering this now. Patients using their GP surgery should make their GP/phlebotomist aware they are vulnerable as a transplant patient and that they are shielding for 12 weeks

–          Multi-Speciality Outpatients at St. James’ Hospital – this needs to be by arrangement only and is primarily for those with no transport to get to Seacroft (below) and no GP surgery option, or who can only have bloods from a fistula. Note this is where a much reduced Renal Outpatient is now based, and is not in the usual place, rather it is in a building opposite the chapel at St. James’.

–          N ward at Seacroft – this is a new service for shielding/self-isolating patients and is by appointment. Ring the Referral and Booking Service on 01132069610 to make an appointment. This is not suitable for anyone who needs transport.

Outside of Leeds:

Halifax – have an appointment system patients can ring on 01422 222050 to arrange

Huddersfield as above but ring 01484 3555765

Dewsbury – no special set up for vulnerable patients – drop-in only

Pontefract – no specific set up but if patients let reception know (if there is a queue) that they are shielding they will get them straight through.

Pinderfields – as Dewsbury

Wharfdale – drop-in only

Things are in a fairly constant state of flux, so this is subject to change, including at quite short notice. Sorry not to be able to be more definitive for anything but the short term.


NHS England have commissioned the following survey which is aimed at anyone who uses hospital transport, please follow this link to take part:



We’re pleased to announce this years Pantomime trip is Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs at The Bradford Alhambra! Click here to find out more……


The Association supported patients enabling them to compete in the recent World Transplant Games in Newcastle.  Transplanted patients from all over the world converged on Newcastle between 17th & 23rd August to compete in many events ranging from 10 pin bowling, to for the first time, football.
Gemma has shared her story from the 2019 games:
Myself, husband and daughter arrived the day before the start of the WTG in Newcastle and were greeted by the wonderful volunteers who helped look after us throughout the games.
At the opening ceremony all 60 countries were sharing their stories with each other before we took to the streets of Newcastle where a great number of people showed their support. It was an amazing atmosphere.
Myself and my family completed the donor run to show our support for the selfless gift they gave to me. My daughter loved the medal she got. 
I just missed out on a bronze medal in both badminton and squash but being there and being able to show what organ donation can do was the best part. 
The closing ceremony was just as emotional and fabulous as the opening but it was sad it had to come to an end.
Here’s to getting back to training and hopefully being selected for the next world games in Houston, Texas. 
Thanks go to the KPA as without their support and help I would not have been able to compete in the World Transplant Games 2019.


Support The West Riding Kidney Patients Association when you shop at smile.amazon.co.uk. Follow this link for more information: https://smile.amazon.co.uk/ch/1154282-0


2019 Trips with the West Riding Kidney Patients Association.

Trip 1….
Sunday 28th July – Yorkshire Wildlife Park!


Meeting in the Thackray Museum Carpark at 9.15am to leave at 9.30am,
Leaving Wildlife Park at 4pm.
Parking is available in the Thackray Museum Carpark for £4 for the day. You will need to pay £4 in the machine and collect a voucher from Judy to cover full day parking.

WRKPA Members Free + 1 Guest
Other Adults £15
Children £10

To discover further information about the Wildlife Park visit their website.

Trip 2….
Sunday 13th October – The Deep, Hull!

Meeting in the Thackray Museum Carpark at 9.45am to leave at 10am,
Leaving The Deep at 3pm.
Parking is available in the Thackray Museum Carpark for £4 for the day. You will need to pay £4 in the machine and collect a voucher from Judy to cover full day parking.

WRKPA Members Free + 1 guest
Other Adults £10.50
Children £5

To discover more information about The Deep visit their website.

This year to make both days run more smoothly we are not having OAP or Student concessions and to have the WRKPA subsidy you must be a member of the association. If you are not a member when booking please let Judy know then she will be able to give you information on joining.

Please telephone Judy on 01943 511992


Catherine Fernandez, pictured, with Christmas presents purchased by the WRKPA for those unfortunate enough to be in hospital on Christmas day on Renal wards J49 & J50 at St James.


A message from Judy Pears:

The Cruise that Never Was!!!!

Well the day of my last trip dawned dark and grey, as I travelled to St James’s the clouds burst and boy did they burst.

We all boarded the coach to make for York and our ‘Ouse Cruise’ when my phone rang!!!!!!!

Disastrous news! the boarding deck for the boat was under water, the Ouse had flooded, sounds of disappointment went through the coach. Worry not I have a backup plan.

The coach driver took us round to the Thackeray Medical Museum, taking us right to the door because by now the rain was TORRENTIAL !!!!! He was a very kind soul.

We spent an interesting morning drinking coffee and perusing the museum.

Lunch time came, once again we boarded the bus and set off for Thompsons Fish and Chips on the A64. The lovely driver once again dropped us on the doorstep and no-one got wet. Delicious Fish and Chips eaten we returned to Jimmies.

AND guess what?

Yes you’ve got it, as we alighted the bus THE RAIN STOPPED.

Never mind; better luck next time.

I would just like to mention though, in the six years Phil and I have been organising trips it is the first time we have had rain. Could have done without the tail end of a hurricane though!

I am sorry to say this was my last trip and thank you all for your support through the last two years. I wish you all many more happy good weather trips.


Unfortunately due to extremely heavy rain, the WRKPA York boat cruise was cancelled at the last minute. Nonetheless, a great day was had by all at The Thackray Medical Museum and fish and chips lunch! A big thank you to Judy for all her hard work.


The following letter provides some information about a new kidney transplant trial called the PITHIA trial.

PITHIA_Letter to Kidney Patient Associations_2018_09_28


Lions, Tigers, Bears & Giraffes Galore,!

Once again the intrepid explorers of WRKPA set off an another adventure, this time to The Yorkshire Wildlife Park.

The day dawned wet and cold but once again we all travelled to meet at St. James’ to board a Tetley (no not the beer) bus to Doncaster.

Arriving in Doncaster the dark clouds had blown away and there was blue sky as we got off the bus, it didn’t even feel too cold. Issued with green wristbands all set off in search of the animals and some for a coffee.

4.00pm came and once again we all met and boarded the bus after swapping news of our day and headed for St. James’

What did you miss?

Why not join us on Sunday 14th October and find out !!!!!!!!!!!


New events added including York Boat Cruise followed by Fish & Chips and Aladdin at the Bradford Alhambra!  Check the Upcoming Events section to find out more.


Celebrating 50 years of transplantation in Leeds, by unveiling the bench funded by the KPA!


LTH Renal unit & KPAs liaison minutes


TRIPS 2018

Watch this Space for news of our up coming trips and how to book!!!!!!!!

Yorkshire Wildlife Park Sunday 9th September

York Boat Cruise and Fish and Chips Sunday 14th October


The post renal transplant team at St James Hospital are holding their next kidney transplant evening on 9th May 2018 5.30pm-8pm at The Thackray Medical Museum. This is ideal for anyone who has or is considering a kidney transplant.

This year the topics covered are the importance of skin cancer prevention and sun care, weight management, you can hear about other patients experiences and lastly there will be a consultant panel taking your questions. Food is also provided.  Follow the link below for full details.

Living with a Kidney Transplant


Catherine Fernandez, pictured, with Christmas presents purchased by the WRKPA for the renal wards. Just one of the ways your donations help and support renal patients.


Cheshire Oaks

Sunday 19th November, once again the day dawned with blue skies and sunshine if a little nippy!

9am came and a Safeway’s mini bus arrived driven by a very cheery, friendly driver who was accompanied by his lovely wife. Twelve of us boarded the bus and off we went.

After an hour and three quarters of a very pleasant drive we arrived at a maze of amazing shops and all disappeared to batter those credit cards and wallets!

4pm came and people with parcels arrived for the journey home, arriving at St James’s at 17:45.

Good day had by all.

How many trips 1,2,3?
Email me with your ideas: Judy_pears@live.com


A message from the Leeds Institute of Health Sciences….

Chronic Illness and Disability Placement Scheme

I am writing to ask if you can help us this year with the Chronic Illness and Disability Placement Scheme as part of the teaching of medical students at the University of Leeds. Our course has worked with patent groups and individuals for several years to provide volunteers who talk to our students about their experiences of chronic illness or disability.  Each volunteer is paired with two first year medical students who will visit the volunteer in February 2018. Usually volunteers arrange to meet the student pair in their home (this should be within 60 minutes of Leeds city centre by public transport); we find meetings last about an hour. The students who visit you will be interested in talking about your own experiences. This might include:

  • How you manage with your illness or disability or that of someone you care for, 
  • What you think about this illness or disability, 
  • How things might have changed since the diagnosis, 
  • The impact the illness or disability has had on your life and of others close to you, 
  • Your experiences of medical and other support services.

All this information will be treated in confidence but if there is anything you would rather not talk about, please do not feel under any pressure to do so.

If you would like to volunteer, you can email us directly at iandpY1@leeds.ac.uk or call us on 0113 343 4179. We will confirm the names of the student pair who will visit you around the end of January 2018. The students will contact you in February to arrange a time and place to meet that is convenient for you.

We do hope you are able to help.


Magical Mystery Tour

One bright and sunny Sunday morning in August the West Riding Kidney Patients Association met at St James’s Hospital. Old friends and new greeted each other and warmly welcomed new comers.

Suddenly a coach appeared with Tetley written on the side, we all boarded and set off for Hornsea.

But what a journey as we left the M62, we travelled through the beautiful Yorkshire Wolds, chocolate box villages even a thatched roof and quaint little pubs. The sunflowers dancing in the sun, fields full of ripe wheat such wonderful views.

On arrival at Hornsea some went in search of coffee , others adventures by the sea and Judy to look for her dogs bought by her daughter and Granddaughters.

Word of warning though, should you want a peaceful lunch do not go to the same wonderful cafe as Judy if Grace her noisy rough collie dining there, such a noisy dog you are guaranteed to find a seat as people quickly eat up and go in search of peace and quiet!

Four o’clock and we all return to the bus for the wonderful journey back through the Wolds to Jimmies.

Alas you say what did I miss, well you have chance to join the WEST RIDING KIDNEY PATIENTS ASSOCIATION on their next adventure to Cheshire Oaks on Sunday 19th November, leaving St James’s at 9.00 am, returning 6.00 pm.

If you want to go on a magical journey through Cheshire patient and 1 guest FREE, just ring Judy before 9.00 pm on Thursday 9th November at 01943 511992. After that time no more bookings can be taken.

You never know Santa might be there but at the very least in a shopping mall at least you will stay dry!



“I just wanted to say a huge thank you to everyone who very kindly sponsored me to take part in the Great North Run 2017 in aid of the West Riding KPA. In total I raised £506.00 which just exceeded my target! I had a fantastic day and can’t wait to hopefully do it all again next year!” – Emma Boulton


Emma Boulton will be taking part in the Great North Run 2017 in aid of West Riding Kidney Patients Association. In particular the money raised will go towards funding a new and much needed relatives room for Kidney Patients, their families and carers at St James University Hospital, Leeds.

Please follow this link to visit Emma’s JustGiving page and donate to this worthy cause.


Rebecca Smith will be taking part in the Jane Tomlinson 10k in memory of her Grandad to raise funds for the West Riding Kidney Patients Association. Please take the time to read Rebecca’s message below and visit her JustGiving page.

“My name is Rebecca Smith, you won’t of heard of me however you will of my Grandad Ian Cundell. As you know he helped the kidney patients for a lot of years since my Grandma donated a kidney to Mum back in 1994.
He was a wonderful man who’s other passion was running. That is why when the opportunity arose to run the Jane Tomlinson 10k in Leeds in July I had no hesitation in running it in memory of him.
Please donate however big or small it all helps
Thank you,

Please follow this link to visit Rebecca’s JustGiving page and donate to this worthy cause


Click here to view the new Renal Transport Charter




Check out our Upcoming Events section for new events taking place in 2017!!!

“My name is Michelle Donachie and I am working on J50 as Senior Sister till August 2017 on J50 at St James’, covering maternity leave. I would just like to say on behalf of Renal services how very grateful we were for all the beautiful Christmas presents you sent for the patients. The hard work and effort, firstly raising the money, the shopping and wrapping of the presents was greatly appreciated. I worked on Christmas Day and had the pleasure of giving out the presents and it reduced some patients to tears they were so moved by your kindness. They also wished to express their thanks for your kindness.

Once again please accept our gratitude for all the work you do.
Many Thanks

Catherine Fernandez, pictured, handing over presents for those unfortunate enough to be an inpatient on J49/50 over Christmas.
Just a small part of what your fantastic donations help us to do.
On behalf of the association we hope you all have a good Christmas and prosperous new year!

The West Riding Kidney Patients Association Murder Mystery night took place on Saturday 12th November 2016 and was a huge success. Many thanks to Catherine Fernandez for organising this fantastic event. Thanks also go to The Thackray Museum for hosting the event and to the cast of It’s Murder for the brilliant entertainment and for keeping us all guessing until the last moment!

Simon Melton took park in the Micklegate Run Soap Box Challenge in aid of West Riding Kidney Patients Association. Click below to read his story:

Simon Melton Sop Box