Note: Insurance companies can and do change their Terms & Conditions – always ensure you have current information on Policies. Also note that insurance companies usually take each case on its merits; it is usually a case of phoning around and finding the one that is the most suitable for you.

Remember that, in Europe, in addition to the correct holiday insurance, you should also carry a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC)

WARNING – Many Insurance Companies take on new policies without asking any medical questions. They are able to do this because they rely on a clause in the small print which says that they will not cover pre-existing medical conditions. Patients must realise that such policies do not give them Insurance cover, and that any claims as a result (both directly and indirectly) of existing kidney disease under such a policy would not be honoured in the event of a claim. Whether you were accepted (without disclosing existing illness) and are paying the premium, is irrelevant in such cases.

To travel abroad without Insurance that covers you for your pre-existing medical conditions could be catastrophic financially.

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